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Exide Life Insurance provides the following general information to answer any concerns that you may have around the security of this internet site. More specific information should be available from your Exide Life Insurance representative.

Exide Life Insurance makes every effort to provide maximum security of your data and of all your transactions; for us protecting our clients is just good business. However hard we work there will be risks associated with online transaction, and you can take some action to protect yourself. Here we provide some information to help you.

Latest Key Security Issues

From time to time we will provide information on security related news items that we feel you should be aware of. These security updates will be presented on this page.

Fake job postings

A known recruiting scam, claiming to represent companies, invites people to apply for a “job” that turns out to actually be a form of money laundering. These types of employment offers are in no way associated with Exide Life Insurance.

As criminals become more sophisticated, these e-mails may include your name and other personal information, making it more difficult to detect them as fraudulent.

If you receive any e-mails please don't respond to them. If you have already responded, consider reporting the incident to the police.


A phishing attack is an online fraud technique which involves sending official-looking email messages with return addresses, links and branding that all appear to come from legitimate banks, retailers, credit card companies, etc. Such emails typically contain a hyperlink to a spoof website and mislead account holders to enter customer names and security details on the pretence that security details must be updated or changed. Once you give them your information it can be used on legitimate sites to take your money.

It is important that you are suspicious of emails asking for your information; see more on standard email practices of Exide Life Insurance below.

Imitation of Exide Life Insurance websites

Exide Life Insurance monitors the internet to find imitation websites which are often the first step made by phishers. We then work with the appropriate international authority to get the websites closed down as quickly as possible – sometimes on the same day we find the website.

To report phishing attacks please email us at

Advanced Fee Fraud

You may already have heard of ‘advanced fee fraud’, where emails offering large sums of money are sent to thousands of email addresses, but a modest ‘fee’ was required in order to cover legal fees, open an account or pay customs charges. Sometimes the money offered is as a result of a lottery for which you have never bought a ticket. Sometimes the money is held in an account overseas but the account owner cannot access it, they promise a percentage of the money in return for your help. In both cases various fees have to be paid.

Do not respond to these emails. They are part of a fraud and you will not receive any of the promised money.

We place this warning here because we are aware that the criminals carrying out these frauds do on occasion use the name of Exide Life Insurance or an Exide Life Insurance subsidiary as part of this scam.

Standard Practices

Exide Life Insurance may communicate with clients by mail on occasion, so how can you tell which mails are from us, and which are fraudulent?

  • Exide Life Insurance will address you by name in any emails.
  • Exide Life Insurance will not embed hyperlinks in emails that take you to sites where you must enter your security information.
  • Exide Life Insurance will never ask for you to confirm your details by email.
  • Exide Life Insurance will use state of the art encryption and authentication mechanisms to secure the transactions; these will vary by bank so check with your bank about the processes used.

If clients have any doubt about any email they have received purporting to be from Exide Life Insurance they should contact their bank.

Protecting Yourself

Take care of your personal information

Your account numbers, customer Number, PIN (password), memorable date and customer identification number are the keys to your account.

  • Never write them down, give them to anyone else or include them in an e-mail.
  • Destroy documents containing personal information securely, and be very cautious in posting personal details to social networking sites on the internet, as criminals can use this information to commit fraud.

Remember that protecting your Customer Number, PIN, passwords and security details is your responsibility.

Choose strong password

  • Use a password that others cannot easily guess. It should be unique and not be based on your name, telephone number, birthday or other such easily available information.
  • It should be at least 8 characters long and have a combination of alphabetic characters, numeric characters and special characters.
  • Disable the auto complete feature in your Internet browser.
  • Disable the user ID and password storing feature in your Internet browser.
  • Change your password regularly, at least once in 30 days.
  • Change your password immediately if you suspect that it may have been disclosed or if there may have been any unauthorized access to your account.

Take care of your computer

  • Update your computer by installing the latest software and patches, to prevent hackers or viruses exploiting any known weaknesses in your computer
  • Install and update virus protection, to protect against viruses corrupting your computer and to prevent hackers installing Trojan Horse on your computer.
  • Install and update anti-spyware tools.
  • Install and update personal firewalls.
  • Use only programs from a known, trusted supplier.

Beware of Spam Emails

  • Use a spam filter to avoid even seeing these messages
  • Never respond to a spam message, your email address is then recorded as live and the spam will increase.
  • Should you read a spam message remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

More information from other Websites

  • The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team provides latest alert and advice on their site You can report any online fraud incident to the above website.
  • The Anti-Phishing Working Group provides statistics on phishing attacks and advice for individuals and companies.
Contact Information

For enquiries, or reporting on suspected phishing cases relating to Exide Life Insurance , please email to or call our Customer Service Hotline on: 1-800-419-8228

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