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1. What is an e-Insurance Account?
An e-Insurance Account (eIA) enables policy holders to buy and keep insurance policies in an electronic form called ‘Electronic Policies’ or ‘E-policies’. Both existing and new policies can be converted in to e-policies. This is facilitated through authorized Insurance Repositories who provide the service for free.
2. 4 reasons to open an e-Insurance Account
  • 1. Safe – no risk of losing policy documents
  • 2. Convenient – details of all policies available in one place
  • 3. Simple – verification and updation of personal details through a single request
  • 4. Accessible – all policy servicing requests can be routed through a single point of contact
3. Authorized Insurance Repositories we have a tie up with
The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has issued licenses to 5 entities to act as Insurance Repositories. Policy holders can open their e-Insurance Accounts with any of the below service providers.
Sl. No Name of the Insurance Repository Website
1 NSDL Database Management Limited
(Click on the link to download the form)
(Click on the link to download the form)
2 Central Insurance Repository Limited
(Click on the link to download the form)
3 KARVY Insurance Repository Limited
(Click on the link to download the form)
4 CAMS Repository Services Private Limited
(Click on the link to download the form)
4. Opening an e-Insurance Account is easy
  • 1. Download the application form. Click here
  • 2. You can also collect the same from your nearest Exide Life Insurance Branch Office
  • 3. Submit completed form along with a copy of PAN or Aadhar card, proof of address, date of birth, and a
        passport size photograph at your nearest Exide Life Insurance Branch office
  • 4. Mobile number and Email Id is  mandatory
  • 5. Bank account details to be updated and supporting documents to be submitted
  • 6. Authorized representative details wherever applicable in the form is mandatory
5. Things you must know
  • 1. Policy holders can only hold only one e-Insurance Account with any one of the authorized Insurance Repositories
  • 2. All charges of displaying the policy document and requisite annual charges will be borne by Exide Life Insurance
  • 3. The e-insurance account will be opened within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the application form
  • 4. At any given point of time the policyholder has an option to make a request to his insurer for
        opting out of the Insurance repository system by providing a written request to the insurer.
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